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Representing Kentucky Ambulance Providers

The Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association has been representing our Commonwealth's providers at the local, state, and federal level since 1982.


We are stronger with your participation

KAPA represents you at the state and federal level while regulations are being written. KAPA is well-represented on the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services and is an active participant in their committees, and meets when necessary with insurance providers to discuss billing and reimbursement issues. KAPA has sponsored Kentucky’s only state-wide EMS conference, for all levels of EMS providers, managers, and medical directors, since 1990.

Partner with KAPA and we all can achieve goals together

Assisting every licensed Emergency Medical Service in Kentucky with providing the highest quality pre-hospital care possible at an affordable cost!

Kentucky EMS Conference & Expo

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The Kentucky EMS Conference and Expo has been the largest continuous in Kentucky state history. Presented by the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association, the conference brings all EMS groups together with the common goal of presenting our EMS providers with the best EMS education available in the state.