KAPA Meeting Minutes: January 19, 2012

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Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association

Meeting Date: January 19, 2012
Meeting Location: Florence Government Center, Florence KY

Board members in attendance:


Board Member

Present or Absent


Terry Dossett



Ira Dyer



John Hultgren (Secretary)



Jamey Locke



Tim Mahone


Region 1

Mark Harrison


Region 2

Troy Walker


Region 3

Jim Duke  (Treasurer)


Region 4

Randy Fathbruckner


Region 5

Joe Prewitt (Vice President)


Region 6

Mike Phillips


Region 7

Rob Butcher


Region 8

Robin Barber


Region 9

Terry Fraley


Region 10

Michael Mason


Region 11

Joe Bradshaw


Region 12

Terry Akin


Region 13

David Sloane


Region 14

Jerry Dominion


Region 15

David Eldridge


Region 16

Tom Adams (President)


The following items were presented, discussed, and/or acted upon while the board meeting was in order:




Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 13:12 EST by President Tom Adams



Joe Bradshaw


Roll Call

Secretary John Hultgren


Determination of Quorum

A quorum of not less than 51% (11) of the Board of Directors for any regular or special meeting was established. 20 guests also attended.


Minutes of last meeting

Motion by John Hultgren to amend recorded meeting date in the minutes from Sept. 10 to Sept. 27.
Motion to accept by Terry Fraley, second by Jim Duke, to accept


Financial Report

Jim Duke


Legislative Report

Vice President Joe Prewitt, Legislative Committee Chair:
Discussion on SB91, HB25, HB214. HB38, and SB93.
A concern that HB214 potentially could increase worker’s compensation rates and may encourage abuse of worker’s comp.
A concern that HB38, related to safety inspections of all official vehicles, could increase operating costs.



Discussion on allowing NREMT registered paramedics who leave the United State Military to have paramedic reciprocity  with KBEMS through regulation. Noted that basic and advanced EMT already have reciprocity language.
Motion by Joe Prewitt to review current regulation and propose language by letter from KAPA, second by Jim Duke.


KBEMS Report

Lewis Prewitt, KCTCS and acting director for KBEMS:
Distributed and discussed summary of KBEMS strategic plan.
Discussed six task forces and workgroups currently operating.
Discussed internal review of processes.
Forest Weyen, KBEMS Director of Operations:
An open field staff position should be posted today.



Mr. Prewitt was asked by Tom Adams about rumored KBEMS staff changes. Mr. Prewitt said that both the executive director and deputy director are on approved leave at this time.



Jim Duke and Joe Prewitt discussed a task force that first met yesterday looking at the testing mechanism and educational processes. Extended discussion on the testing process, the recertification process, and the standard that the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians sets by Rob Butcher, Joe Prewitt, Mark Harrison, Joe Bradshaw, Terry Dossett, Tom Adams, Randy Fathbruckner, Terry Akin, and Robin Barber.


Reimbursement Report

Jim Duke:
Distributed a list of Medicaid transaction pending issues from November through January, noting that all published issues affect all MCOs and all of the issues’ status are pending.
Solicited concerns or issues any providers are having with the new Medicaid MCOs.
Issues discussed by membership: The process to obtain a preauthorization. Denial of certain transports for medical necessity or portion of charges. Closest hospital may not participate with the network. Scheduled meetings with the MCOs that KAPA can attend.
President Adams asked the members to forward any MCO concerns to Jim Duke and instructed Jim Duke to make sure that KAPA has a presence at any future meeting scheduled with the MCOs.


Conference Committee Report

President Tom Adams:
With Joe Bradshaw’s retirement as conference chair, Tom Adams has placed Troy Walker as lead chairman, Jim Duke as co-chair, and William Dukes as vice-chair.



Joe Bradshaw:
Attendance and revenue were both higher during 2011.
Mr. Bradshaw was recognized for his contributions to KAPA and the Kentucky EMS Conference and Expo.


10 Minute Recess

Recess at 14:30. Meeting reconvened at 14:44


Old Business:



Critical Care Whitepaper Discussion

Unable to substantiate that the group known as the Critical Care White Paper Discussion Group is even meeting any longer. Have been told unofficially that this group has disbanded. Will continue to monitor.



President Tom Adams introduced the proposed by-law changes and explained the reasons for the proposed changes.
Joe Prewitt presented a concern about the proposed by-law requirement for holding a regional meeting within 90 days of the general annual meeting.



Motion made by Mark Harrison to amend the proposed by-law change stating that the region will have a meeting for elections not more than 90 days nor less than 14 days before to the annual meeting.  Second by Randy Fathrucker.



Motion by Rob Butcher to amend the proposed by-laws requiring that the board be notified of regional meetings prior to the meeting so that they can distribute the meeting dates and times through electronic media in advance of the meeting.
Seconded by Jerry Dominion.



Jim Duke motioned that the president meet with current regional representatives to select a third representative in the two regions which are gaining a new representative. Second by Rob Butcher.



Joe Bradshaw motioned that we accept the proposed by-law changes as amended. Second by Randy Fathbruckner.


KAPA Brochure

Joe Bradshaw motioned to order 3000 updated KAPA brochures. Second by Rob Butcher.


Legislative Delegation to Washington DC

Motion by Mark Harrison to entrust the president to plan a legislative delegation trip to Washington D.C. Second by Terry Fraley.


New Business:




Rob Butcher reported some suggestions from Ken Knipper regarding issues that he felt KAPA should comment on.


Next Meeting

The date and time for our next scheduled board meeting was set for April 19, 2012 at 13:00 CDT (14:00 EDT) at a location to be announced in western Kentucky.



This Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association Board Meeting was adjourned at 15:49.



The content of these minutes will not be approved until the next board meeting and are unofficial.
Respectfully submitted by Secretary John Hultgren, 19-January-2011