KYAPA Board Meeting Minutes January, 25 2018

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Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association
Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: January, 25 2018
Meeting Location: Caldwell County EMS


Board members in attendance:




The following items were presented, discussed, and/or acted upon while the board meeting was in order:


Board Member  ( = Even Year term)

Present or Absent


Kevin Callihan



Rick Driskill ( Secretary)



William Dukes 



Aaron Stamper



Diane Vogel ^


Region 1

Mark Harrison


Region 1

Allen Jones


Region 1

Troy Walker ( President) 


Region 2

Jim Duke (Treasurer)


Region 2

Jim Willaims 


Region 2

Mike Cottrell


Region 3

Joe Bradshaw


Region 3

Mike Reynolds


Region 3

James Hacker


Region 4

Mike Phillips


Region 4

                      Bret James


Region 4

Phil Deitz ( Vice President)


Region 5

                      Ashley Powell 


Region 5

Brandon Russell


Region 5

Brandon Remley


Region 6



Region 6

Terry Fraley


Region 6

Michael Mason 






Call to order

The meeting was called to order at CST by President Troy Walker.



By Joe Bradshaw.


Roll Call

By Rick Driskill


Determination of Quorum

By Rick Driskill.
A quorum of not less than 51% (12) of the Board of Directors for any regular or special meeting was established.


Minutes of last meeting

Reviewed and approved

Motion, Second. No discussion. Approved.

Review of School Shooting

Bryan Cutsinger form Marshall County EMS gave an overview of the events on the day of the Marshall County High School shooting.


Sponsor of meal

Troy would like to thank MARS/ AMB Billing for providing the meal for today’s meeting.


Financial/Reimbursement Committee Report

By Jim Duke.

Jim reported on the status of the bank account he advised that the account currently has $70,859.95

Jim advised that it is down a little over last year stating the main reason is we have had to spend a lot in legal fees this time to fight some issues on behalf of the entire states providers.

Jim requested that KAPA pay for the lodging for the DC trip and that the members going would take care of travel. Motion made by Joe Bradshaw and 2nd by Billy Dukes The request was approved by all members voting yes/yea.

Jim spoke on the V.A claims in respects to out of state providers coming into Kentucky and picking up patients for VA on the VA contracts. The only way to combat this is to obtain a VA contract yourself and that would afford you the right to make those runs.


Motion to accept Financial Report. Second. No discussion. Approved.

Legislative Report

By Joe Pruitt , Legislative Committee Chair.

Joe presented the following report.

HB: 85 relates to doing away with the current C.O.N. requirements we currently follow, Joe advised that after checking on this Bill it doesn’t seem to have any support and Mr. Pruitt doesn’t think it will make it out of committee.

HB: 135 relates to Air Ambulance Mr. Pruitt asked Mr. Bradshaw to give a report on this Bill, Mr. Bradshaw advised this is a Bill that balances the billing for Air Ambulances, it relates to setting Insurance contract pricing and adjustments. He advised he would keep us informed as this moves forward.

HB: 32 Relates to the Line Of Duty Death Bill which was passed last year, this is a clean up bill that works to increase payment to Families.

HB: 61 Relates to Criminal acts of Murder of First Responders, the perp would have to spend 85% of their sentence before they could have a review by the parole  board. As the Bill is currently written it doesn’t include EMS, but Joe has spoken to the sponsor of the bill and EMS is being added to this Bill and we will follow it and watch it’s progress.

HB: 95 Relates to allowing Fire Departments to merge.

Mr. Pruitt wanted to acknowledge the committee members and thank them for their time and hard work.

Joe spoke on the Medicaid fund and asked Jim Duke to explain where we are in the process.

Jim advised that we have been in close contact with Tenn. And watching their progress since they started their fund.

Jim also wanted to give a little back ground on this project and to stress the need for us to do something to improve our rates.

Our current rates are around 25% of our cost in Kentucky there are 19 types of providers that can have an assessment, he went on to advise that currently 17 of those have exercised their rights and two have not one of which being EMS. But that is changing across the nation. Basicallyhow it works we would create a tax for lack of a better term and tax yourself and for every dollar we put into the fund the Federal Government would put in three dollars, this money would come back to us in the form of a higher rate of pay on our emergent Medicaid patients. After the numbers came back from the survey that was done last year it showed a 300% increase in our payments. Tennessee passed this last year, they have introduced a bill to clean up the process and we are getting a copy of that bill to use as a starting point for our process. Jim advised this would be a bid boost for the services and staff in increased wages. Jim advised that we would put 6 million into the fund and get back around 20 million.

Joe advised that it will be very important for KAPA to make sure everyone understands the benefit of this project and for the fund to be approved that one service has to lose money but Jim advised that the plan is to make a grant via KAPA to offset the money to pay back that service so that no one will lose any money. Jim advised that the state would receive some of the money for administrating the fund and that’s how it works in other states.

Joe asked for a motion to move forward with this process. Motion was made by Mark Harrison and 2nd by Rick Driskill it was put to a vote and passed without any opposition.

Joe spoke about the 5 year extension of the current Medicare rates and advised it is soon to expire on January 28 2018. He advised that with the Government shut down that time is very short to be able to shore up support for this extension and that he and Jim Duke along with  members of the KBEMS staff along with help form the folks at AAA will be meeting in Washington DC the following Monday to work on this. Joe and Jim asked everyone to contact your senators and ask for support for this to be passed .

Joe spoke about supporting Hero’s and referenced the MVA involving a EMS unit in Indiana where the crew member was lost. Joe advised that the current KKK that we are under addresses safety issues somewhat but the new 501”s will take it a step further when they are approved. But we are going to as a group take a hard look at the hours of work our crews in the state are working and how the down time prior to reporting for duty are governed. He advised that if we don’t take steps now then OSHA could come in and change the way we operate. He went on to say that we might need to something legislatively to address this issue for crew safety.  Paul Philipps for KBEMS advised that he has some information that has been done at the national level addressing this issue and would be happy to share it with this group.

Rick Driskill asked that we take a look at our work comp laws to see if we can make a change to help folks that require long term help dealing with PTSD after events while preforming their duties.




KBEMS Report

By Paul Phillips COO for KBEMS

Paul spoke on the status of the 501 regulations he advised that they have been broken down into six parts and are currently open to public comment.

Paul spoke on the agenda 2013 tahe deals with the vision of EMS in Kentucky moving forward , this follows the national goals that have been set up to see where we are heading in the next five years.

Paul advised that KBEMS is working with KCTCS to find a way to increase the number of Paramedic classes across the state.

Paul advised that KBEMS has made a request for a full time grant person to find and write grants not only for KBEMS but help providers as well but no action has been taken thus far on that request.

Paul want to pass along that do date all providers in the state is providing data to the state system and that we should all be very proud of this achievement.

Troy thanked Paul for attending the meeting and providing this report.


Membership Report

Billy Dukes gave a report on the status of the membership and advised that we are currently working on updating the list and he would provide a up to date list at the next meeting.

Mark Harrison and Billy stressed how important it is for everyone to pass along the most up to date contact information to Billy so we can add it to the email list that is being updated currently.


Conference Committee Report

Troy advised that the 2017 Conference was the most attended one to date for KAPA and advised that the bank account shows that we are ahead by $4,425.00

Troy advised that our conference keeps growing each year and that the committee is already hard at work on this year’s conference.

Allen Jones Education Chair advised that the request for presenters has been sent out and that it closes at the end of January 2018.

The dates for the conference this year are September 17th -21st.




New Business

Troy advised that we are working on a better email list and that Billy Dukes will be updating this on a regular basis.

With Tom Adams retirement this has made a vacancy in region 6 and Troy would like to appoint Charles (Chuck) Creamans to this position for the remainder of the term which runs out this year and would need to be voted on during the regional meeting to be held just prior to September. Chuck will fill this position until January when the new member would take over unless Check is re-elected at the regional meeting later this year.

Troy advised that he has moved the dates of the KAPA meetings to the end of the month to avoid and conflicts with the KBEMS meetings. The dates for the KAPA meeting for this year are as follows  April 26th in Region 3, July 25th in Region 5 , and the last one being held at the Conference in September.

Troy spoke about John retiring in March and advised that Mike Reynolds will be taking over the web-site with John agreement to stay on for the next year to help. Troy asked for help to find someone to help Mike with this project moving forward so we can have more than one person up to speed on the workings of this as a backup and to share the load. Mike advised that the ems connection would be put into the website with John staying on until 2025 unless he says otherwise declines.

Jackie the Director of Ballard County EMS requests information from the members to try and find out is anyone has a policy on the carrying of fire arms by the crew members while on duty and on runs. He advised this came up during a site KACo visit and he need some help with this issue. Mrs. Vogel from Louisville Metro advised that she had one that covered this and they do not allow their staff to carry while in the units due to the fact that the crew members can not take the weapons into Schools or Hospitals or any location that has posted signs prohibiting the weapons on their property. She went on to add that because of the restrictions and the service not providing a secure place to lock up the weapons they do not allow the carrying of weapons while preforming their duties.

Dan Durham spoke on the EMS memorial he advised that the goal of this is to erect a memorial in Kentucky. He advised that fund raisers have already started and that they have a online store and the money from that will go towards the memorial. He advised that on May 23rd 2018 there will be a candle light service at the State Capital.

Dan advised that on John’s site there is a list of 29 providers lost in the line of duty in Kentucky these folks are recognized at the National level as providers which lost their life in the performance of their duties.

Dan asked for everyone to take a look at the names and to please let him know if someone has been over looked so they can have them added to the list.

Troy opened the floor for any other business .   

Kevin Callahan advised he had been contact from a service in his area with concerns over the pension issue and asked if KAPA had any information to share on this issue. Joe advised that we are watching this issue and will pass along any information as we are given it.



  • None.


Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association will be   at 13:00 EDT (12:00 CDT) in Region 3 . The location to be determined.



This Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association Board Meeting was concluded at

Motion to Adjourn, Second, Approved.


Respectfully submitted by:

Rick Driskill